Hossain M Zakir


Course Outline

  1. Intro, use, working window
  2. Start writing, save, close, open, exit. 
  3. Bold, italic, cut, copy, past, font colour, type, 
  4. Formatting- alignment, bullets & numbering, paragraph, border & shading, 
  5. Insert – picture, shapes, header & footer, chart, page number, text box, word art, symbol, equation, date & time, object, page break, screen shoot, signature line, apps for office.
  6. Design – water mark, page colors, page border, title, colors, theme effects.
  7. Page setup – Margins-top, bottom, left, right, header, footer, layout, indent, spacing, breaks, wrap text,  orientation, bring forward, send backward, align, group, rotate, column.
  8. References, mailings. 
  9. Review – spelling & grammar, define, word count, language, comments, tracking, changes, compare, protects.
  10. View – print layout, outline, draft, show- ruler, gridlines, pane, zoom- one page, multipage, 50% , 100%, window, macros
  11. Details typing practice.
  12. Table creating and details work 
  13. Drawing and details work
  14. Project works.

This course also include

  1. Use of internet
  2. Use of google
  3. Practice with typing mater software 
  4. Photo editing 
  5. Use of printer, scanner, pen drive, external drive.
  6. Intro of windows os,
  7. Installation of micro soft office to pc or laptop. 

2K - 5K Taka

Type of Course


3K Taka
আমরা যা শিখবো
  • আমার কাজে, আমি 
  • আমার কাজে, আমি 
  • আমার কাজে, আমি 
  • আমার কাজে, আমি 
  • আমার কাজে, আমি 
  • আমার কাজে, আমি