Hossain M Zakir

Facebook Marketing

Course Outline

  1. Intro, use, scope. 
  2. Creating a Facebook Account
  3. Creating a Facebook Page
  4. Settings & Privacy – Facebook Page Information, Page and tagging, Public post, Blocking, Stories, Reels, Reaction preferences  
  5. Professional dashboard
  6. Insights – Home, Your page, Posts, Audience, Grow your audience- Ad center, Invite friends to follow
  7. Your tools – Reels inspiration, comments manager, Events, Page access, A/B Tests, Linked accounts
  8. Ad center – Ad Center – Create ads, All ads, New Page Experience – Page Access, Page Management History, Page Quality, Advanced Messaging – Messenger receiver, Instagram receiver, Issue Electoral or Political Ads
  9. Create ads – Goal, Ad creative, Special Ad Category, Audience, Duration, Daily budget, Placements, Ad preview, Estimated daily results, Payment summary
  10. Crate Automated Ads – Automated Ads- Get started
  11. Boost post – Select a post to boost – Facebook / Instagram
  12. Instagram post and use of WhatsApp
  13. Meta business suite
  14. Help and guidance- New page guide, Business help center 
  15. Project work

This course also include

  1. Use of Google, Gmail, drive, contact,
  2. Domain & hosting 
  3. Social meadia  
  4. Use of Instagram
  5. Use of WhatsApp
  6. Use of LinedIn 

2K - 5K Taka

Type of Course


3K Taka
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